La Estancia

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Our ranch is an agricultural establishment. It has 1660 hectares, one of the most important main houses in Argentina, built in the middle of the 19th Century, which is an extraordinary and magnificent architecture work, a valuable reference of our rural property, a real art work. Here lived several protagonists of the Argentine politic life. “La Figura” is one of those places that seem to have stayed in time, as a secret. It combines a moving landscape with a characteristic and particular closeness to life.

The main house of the ranch was built in three stages. The first one dates back to 1830, a bricked building covered by palm trees, with forged iron fences, with three bedrooms and a huge tower, a compulsory element in the great fields of the 1800s, where today we can find the Roman bust placed by Pellegrini in 1830, which inspires the ranch’s name.

In 1870 the first extensions of the main house were made, and they increased its original measures with a mainly colonial architecture.

In 1924 the architect Martín Noel (1888 – 1963), the builder of many Hispano-American wonders, built the new main house, a great Spanish styled castle. The construction has several elements from his Spanish and Creole eclecticism, mixed in an exquisite way. It was a titanic work, since all materials and furniture were shipped from different European countries, such as France, England, Spain, and Portugal.

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