“La Figura” Ranch is located at just 50 minutes from the Federal Capital City, taking the highway up to the ranch. After reaching the Cañuelas roundabout, take the Route 205 and at km. 82 you will find the entrance to Uribelarrea. Then you will find the entrance of the ranch at the end of the road Valeria de Crotto.

Transfer services from the Federal Capital City with departures and arrivals every day:

- Empresa cañuelas bus (02226) 42-3649
- Empresa Lobos Bus (02227) 43-1346

Ranch domicile::

Route 205, km. 82. Avenida Valeria de Crotto and Camino Panello.
Uribelarrea, District of Cañuelas.
Province of Buenos Aires.
Mobile phone: (+54911) 15-4937-0729 / 15-6608-2826 / 15-5106-2915

Information and reserves: