historia de Estancias “La Figura” is one of the antique ranches of the District of Cañuelas, Province of Buenos Aires, land of great men and events that form part of the history. It was founded at the beginning of the 19th Century by the Engineer Carlos Pellegrini, father of the former president and artist of that time.

historia de Estancias Rosas’ policy was against his democratic ideals, and his French nationality held him in an uneasy position due to the blocking, so he decided to look for some peace and acquired a country establishment called “La Figura”, where he was exiled with his family, and where his son Carlos, born in 1846, spent his childhood. The house also operated as a cart stop for the long journeys to the South.
Considered as a genius for his time, he invented and carried out very important advances in agriculture, among which we can mention a revolutionary watering system, called the “watering pail”.

Historia de Estancia La Figura The Ranch history


Founded by the Engineer Carlos Pellegrini, father of the former president and artist of that time.

Soon after the Caseros battle in 1852 the family set up in Buenos Aires again. It was the former president’s father the one who made the first main house built, which is still preserved, approximately in 1830.

His son Carlos (president of our country) continued leading the agricultural activities of the ranch. Then it passed onto another distinguished man, Miguel Nemesio de Uribelarrea, who gave a great impulse to “La Figura” with the sheep exploitation, considering the enormous shearing sheds that were built, inspired in the railway architecture.

historia de Estancias In 1880 Uribelarrea founded the town after his name where the ranch is located. In 1888 he donated the lands for the first agricultural school in Latin America, which opened in 1894. Nowadays it is called the Aeronautic School “Don Bosco”.
He also helped to trace the railway of the old train of Cañuelas in 1885, which passes near the main house, and made the town church built in honor to his wife in 1890.

After his death, the ranch was sold to Silvano Crotto, and it was him and his refined wife, Mrs. Valeria V. de Crotto, with an exquisite taste, the ones who made the new main house built by the architect Martín Noel (1888 – 1963), distinguished architect and politician of the time, graduated in 1909 from the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris. In 1924 Noel started the building of the new main house of “La Figura” giving the ranch a new modern style within the neocolonial period.

In the 20th Century the ranch passed onto the hands of the Madero family, the current owners, who continue preserving every detail as in the time of Crotto and Noel.